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                    Production equipment

                    Production equipment

                    Only through constantly technical reform and achieve excellent equipment can mould precision and quality reach to international advanced level.

                    Bowin Mould fully respects the wishes of the customer, fully meets the needs of the clients, maintains good relationship with old customers at the same time, work hard to build relationship with new customers and provides the best solution to both old and new customers. Bowin Mould spent a huge sum of money to purchase international advanced processing equipments, including high speed machining center, large five axis CNC machining center, duplex head EDM machine, deep hole drilling machine and also testing equipments including Hexagon three coordinates measuring machine, die spotting machine, tool setting gauge, hardness tester, injection molding machine, etc.

                    • Machining workshop
                    • Edm processing area
                    • Five-axis deep hole drill
                    • Trial run center
                    • Spotting machine
                    • Graphite machining center
                    • Cncprocessing zone

                    Machining workshop

                    The company has more than fifty advanced professional equipments and ERP project management system.
                    The largest mould being processed is 50T, DNC data transmission system makes the mold processing automatic and intelligent, the 24 hours processing reduces the mold delivery.

                    Edm processing area

                    Double-head electric spark 6 PCS

                    Five-axis deep hole drill

                    Global five-axis drilling and milling machine tool 2 pcs

                    Trial run center

                    Injection machine 3300T
                    Injection machine 2100T

                    Spotting machine

                    Spotting machine 500T 2PCS

                    Spotting machine 200T/300T

                    Graphite machining center

                    Graphite machine JTGK-600(8 PCS)

                    Cncprocessing zone

                    CNC(3+2)4025(4 PCS)
                    CNC(3+2)3016(6 PCS)
                    FIVE-AXIS CNC(3+2)SB216(2 PCS)
                    FIVE-AXIS CNC(3+2)SB316
                    FIVE-AXIS XIEHONG/TAIWAN 5A-56E (1 PCS)
                    QUICK JET AV-1612(2 PCS)
                    Taiwan Ken Five-Axis High-speed Milling
                    CHARMILLES GANTRY MILLING 1612